Shooting Analysis

Detailed Evaluation

Once we have your video we will analyse any shot that you want professional feedback on. Whether that be a wrist shot, snap shot, slap shot, backhand, shooting in stride..etc. SHA Instructor Ted Suihkonen will breakdown your mechanics via Coaches Eye and voice over the video in detail for you the customer. Along with your analysis we will also send you a detailed report on how to maximise your shooting as well as accuracy to become a feared sniper on the ice.

Educated Coach

You will have immediate access to a professional skills coach who puts his players first. Also, with coaching certifications from USA Hockey, Swedish Ice Hockey Federation, as well as from the Russian Hockey Federation, you are guaranteed high end instruction. SHA offers you this service because we want to reach as many players as possible so that you can continually improve your game, and reach your goals with a high end skills educator.

Cost Effective

Not everyone has the means to pay for private (1 on 1) coaching as well as renting the ice for this. So we have come up with our online analysis solution for a fraction of the price without sacrificing quality. You now have the chance to work with a high end skills educator for a reasonable cost, and at the same time get the true personal touch that we give our players we see on the ice.

About The Process

Your Shooting Analysis

  • 01

    We need you to take a video of your son/daughter performing the shot you would like analysed. The video is a 3 part video with a front view, back view as well as side view.

  • 02

    Once you have your videos you can send us the video via Google Drive, Drop Box or send it to us via a free service called We Transfer (

  • 03

    Once we have your video we will promptly confirm your video is in our hands and get to work. You will have your analyzation within 7 days.

  • 04

    SHA will send you your original video as well as the analysed video. In addition to this we will put together and send you a development program.

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Cost: 500 kr ($65)

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