SHA Difference

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World Class Philosophy

Suihkonen Hockey Academy has developed a new approach to player development that masterfully trains the Three Speeds of Hockey: Speed of Hand, Speed of Foot and Speed of Mind simultaneously,  This approach is rooted through performance analytics that we gather from skill and tactical sessions, as well as game footage of the players.

  • Speed of Foot (Skating)
  • Speed of Hand (Stick Handling)
  • Speed of Mind (Hockey Sense)


Programs Designed For You

Through our comprehensive hockey curriculum detailing technique and tactical instruction, we are able to build the multiple skill sets you need to excel.  Our research based approach to skill development enables us to focus on specific game translatable skills that have relevance.  This highly specific player development model provides our athletes with the skills that translate to their game, and separates them from the competition.

  • We build a performance metrics for each player
  • Players will execute consistently in game defining situations
  • Player decision making process in games will become second nature.
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Why Player Development Suffers

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    Over the course of a season, the rate and quality of development is dictated by team systems and structure.

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    Feedback provided by coaches is too generalized. The coach has too many players and not enough time to provide specific, valuable and actionable feedback for each player on their needs.

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    During the season, the main development thought is result oriented. Player’s are encouraged to produce by any means to continue having positive team results. They aren’t creating their identity with the skills that will translate to the next level.


How We Are Different

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    SHA curriculum puts the player first

    We want to help players take ownership of their development with a specific plan that is continually measurable and uniquely tailored for each player.

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    Player Identity

    We create a development plan by identifying your strengths and weaknesses with quantifiable analysis focusing on your skill set that will translate to the next level.

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    Supplementary tool to educate players

    We do not interfere with any teams or organizations, instead we are a supplement of education.  In the end providing a positive result for the player, which in turn benefits their team/organization.