SHA Inside The Game Podcast #6

We are back after Pete and I took some time off to enjoy the summer, and we hope you did as well! In this episode we briefly touch on the move to Russia, the importance of taking time off, as well as some off ice training. It’s been a while, but now that hockey season is upon us, we will …

SHA Inside The Game Podcast #5

This week we discuss our newest aspect to the Academy with Sports Psychology, and the impact that it has on the players growth. Also, we speak about the new alliance between the NHL, USHL and USA Hockey.

SHA Inside The Game Podcast #4

On this episode we have some news from Ted Suihkonen on his new adventure as a skills coach in the KHL and what that means for the future of the company. Also, we tackle USA Hockey’s new rule on ice the puck while shorthanded from the U14 level on down.  Also joining as always is our co-host Peter Messa and …


SHA Inside The Game Podcast #3

This week we discuss the various skills that revolve around the game of hockey. Some of them are very obvious, but we take a deeper look at an area of skills that many believe everyone possesses.  Once again we are joined by our good friend James Sixsmith.

SHA Inside The Game Podcast #1

We are jumping into the world of Podcasting with our very own Suihkonen Hockey Inside the Game.  This is a podcast that is going to touch on all aspects of the game from skill training to scouting.  So sit back and enjoy the 1st episode and we look forward to gaining you as a dedicated listener! #SkillsThatTranslate

I’m a Hockey Player

I am a hockey player. I’m a team player. I play with my friends and with some of my enemies, but I respect everyone when it comes to my sport. I know I may not get a multi-million dollar contract to play professionally. I know I may not even get my name in the paper, but I play for love of …


Hydration for Sports

As athletes we are always on the move; whether that be at school, practice, or working out at the gym.  You try to eat as healthy as possible to get the most out of your body, but most of the time athletes overlook the simplest and most vital element of life.  That simple form of keeping the body running is …