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We help players take ownership of their development with a specific plan that is continually measurable and uniquely tailored.

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We create development plans by identifying strengths and weaknesses with quantifiable analysis; focusing on the player’s skill set that will translate to the next level.

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The game of hockey keeps changing, we pride ourselves on always evolving to give our players the latest and cutting edge training.

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Doesn't matter in where in the world you are, we are here to assist you in taking your game to the next level with our online skills vault.

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It’s All AboutBlending Your Skills

  • Connector.


    The main foundation of our game, and the number one skill to play

  • Connector.

    Stick Handling

    Controlling the puck in open ice as well as in tight quarters

  • Connector.


    It’s not just about being able to shoot, but getting yourself in the right position

  • Connector.

    Hockey Sense

    Understand what you are seeing on the ice, and be able to read & anticipate whats going to happen

2018 SHA CAMP Schedule

SHA Shooting/Scoring starts with the basics of shooting, focusing on technique. We use a progressive model that will help you to become a feared sniper with the puck on the blade.

Age Level: 2002-2007 
Dates: May 11-13 2018
Location: Holmen Ishall (Norway)

SHA has developed a specific camp solely on building skill sets that are translated directly to each players game. This camp is designed to help the player understand how to build skill sets that work without randomness.

Age Level: 2002-2007 
Dates: May 26-27 2018
Location: Holmen Ishall (Norway)

The focus here is on building skill sets that are a combination of skating, individual skills and individual tactics. Optimal understanding of one’s game is our sole focus so that each player leaves with renewed confidence for the future.

Age Level: 2000 & Older
June 18-28
Location: Arosa, Switzerland 

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What Our StudentsAre saying About Us

Ted has helped me to take my game to the next level. I have never worked with someone who cares about his players he does. His hard work and dedication rubs off on the players that he works with. I have become a better overall player and person because of my with work with him.

L. Hoff - North Dakota Fighting Hawks NCAA
Hi Ted,

Thank you for the good practices on ice during the summer! They have helped me a lot in the season and now i will play with the Norwegian logo on my chest again next week 🙂 thank you again. You have helped me a lot!

K. Thomassen - U18 Norwegian National Team Player
Hi Ted,

I can’t wait to get back on the ice with you and work on my scoring.

I. Pestoni - Pro Player Zurich & Swiss National Team Player
Hello Ted . Just wan´t to say that Adrian really enjoyed the spring camp. Learning different elements that he can translate into his playing to become a better hockey player.
He is really looking forward to come back and learn more from you and your team. The individual development program sounds very interesting as well.

J. E. Rein


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